Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Prince of the city - Tabletop game

I wanted to paint something less demanding than the last army I did for Age of Sigmar (my dwarven army - will post pictures soon), and so I got one of my older tabletop games out and painted the player minis included in it.

The game is "Prince of the City", made by "White Wolf" ( It plays in the "World of darkness" setting that is an update to the former "Vampire: the Masquerade" setting made by White Wolf.
It is a cool game and very nicely styled. The one thing missing was a good paintjob on those minis. So I sat down and painted them. :-)

Anyway, after taking a few pictures of the minis I found out that the first image with the whole group standing in front of the camera was extremely blurry. I could not post that one and so the pictures start without a group-pic.

Now first for the Gangrel. He used to be the Deva (something akin to a Toreador) but I thought that Gangrel was way more fitting.

And now for the Mekhet. That one used to be the Gangrel but seems to be wearing the finest cloths of the bunch, so I made her into the seer kind of vampire:

And now the Nosferatu. That one I did not have to change. He really has those special Nosferatu looks.

Now for the Ventrue. This one I did not have to change either. She looks the type. :-)

And now for the new Deva. That one used to be the Mekhet but I thought that a guy who wears a belly-free shirt can only be the artistic kind of vampire. Thats why I gave him pink hair and beard.

Well, thats it for today. I will post some of my dwarfs soon. :-)

By the way, if anyone wants me to paint his stuff, just leave a comment.


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