Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

Two Cultists

Yea and here we have two cultists. These models were made by "Pulp Figures" ( I found that these models are just perfect for Cthulhu in the 1920s.

Anyway, I painted these cultists with yellow robes as I am just playing a "king in yellow" campagin.


Dienstag, 11. April 2017

Some Policemen

And as I continue with my Cthulhu campagin I have more and more use of more "normal" looking minis. And so it is, that we come to my small police squad. I have them with me when I am DMing to send them in if my players get in way over their head or something like that.

I will most likely have to use them once they have to fight a certain person who is pretty magical.

Anyway I searched high and low for the company that cast these minis but I could not find them. I would have loved to link to their website here but alas it is not possible....

They look proper british, don´t they?


Donnerstag, 6. April 2017


Now we come to my ongoing "Call of Cthulhu" campaign that I am running as DM. It revoles around the king in yellow and therefore I needed a few Byakhees. Well the "Vrock" from the "Reaper Miniatures" ( out of the "Bones" collection looked the part.

So I bought a few of those and remodeled them to be in different poses.

Painting Lovecraft monsters is notoriously difficult because you have very little knowledge about the coloring scheme in the lore.

Anyway, I think that my three Byakhees will do the job.


Samstag, 1. April 2017

Glade Guards

And here a group of Woodelf Glade Guard that I painted to fit in with my Highelf army.
These beautiful minis were created by "Games Workshop" ( and even though their game stats are bad they look very cool.
(small tipp: if you do house games, you can house rule them to have a little more kick - just keep balance in mind)

Oh, before I forget, the one elven woman on the "face"-base is not made by "Games Workshop" but rather by "Reaper Miniatures" ( and part of the "Bones" collection. I just wanted to try how well a different mini like that would fit with Games Workshop squad.


Samstag, 25. März 2017

A Giant

Yep that's it!
This my friends is a giant.


This one comes from "Reaper Miniatures" ( and is part of their "Bones" collection.
I gave him a nice bushy beard and a few Ogre Bitz. He now is a centerpiece for my Ogre/Ogor army and just looks really cool.

The only problem with Reaper Mini Bones is as always how to keep them from getting sticky?
Well I am still trying to find a perfect solution to this, but so far I am still searching.

Anyway, looks cool, doesn't it?


Sonntag, 19. März 2017

Bragg the Huntsman

So after finishing my dwarven army (though I hope to add some of the new steampunky stuff Games Workshop is going to release for them soon), I want to show you the newest addition to my Ogre army: Bragg the Huntsman.

This mini was made by "Games Workshop" ( and just looks cool. I am not sure about the "battlefield" use the guy has, but still looks cool.


Sonntag, 12. März 2017

Dwarf - Thunderers

So we come to the Thunderers. I loved the models "Avatars of War" ( created for dwarfs with guns. So thats why I used these instead of the official Games Workshop once.

Just look at the pictures and you will know why. :-)

You see what I mean? Walking beards that look grizzled, smoke cigars, have granades and wield guns? How can you top that?

By the way, the girl dwarf is not part of the "Avatars of War" set but rather made by "Scibor Miniatures" ( I just liked that mini and thought that she would make a great and contrasting leader for my grizzled thunderers.