Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

Vampire - Dark Ages

Here two little vampire minis I made as a christmas present for two of my friends who are currently playing a Vampire - Dark Ages Campaign.

The first is a Malkavian, I made out of a spare head I had left over from my Empire Militia group and a diviner from the Frostgrave setting. I also added three golden buttons, because this Malkavian has the neurotic need to always keep these three buttons clean and shiny. As this character also is secretly in leaque with a demon and knows Maleficia he has the Maleficia symbol tatooed on his head.

And for the second, we have a beautiful Toreador vampire lady. She wears well crafted leather armor and a nice cloak. As she is more of a fighter than the Malkavian, I used a more "fighty" model. To be perfectly frank I have no idea anymore from which line this mini originates, but it is a very pretty mini to be sure.

Well to my great satisfaction both my friends are pretty happy with those minis and I hope they will get to play them in their campaign soon.


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