Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Skaven - Clan Rats

Yep and here we go with the first 20 models of my 40 clan rats. These are the 20 clan rats out of the "bloodisle" set made by "Games-Workshop" (
Normally these rats are painted in a very uniform style. Meaning the same fur color, the same color for the rags and all that. Well, as you know I do not like to paint that way so my rats differ in color between white, different shades of grey, black and different shades of brown. Their rags also are of different color, some are ockre, others are green, red, blue or purple. I could of course gone for more realistic colors, but to be perfectly frank the whole unit was time consuming enough as it was, so I drew the line there.

Anyway I think my ideas worked out pretty well and those are some nice looking clan rats. :-)

Trust me, those took a while. I will start on the next batch of 20 tomorrow.


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