Montag, 26. September 2016

Skaven - Rat Ogres + a packmaster

Well and here we come to one of my favorit unit in my Skaven army -> the rat ogres!
I just love Ogres in general but these rat Ogres are just as cool. :-)
Ok now for the models; two of these, including the packmaster are out of the "blood isle" set made by "Games-Workshop" (
The third rat Ogre is called "giant wererat" and out of the "bones" collection by "Reaper Miniatures" (
Tragically the plastic that is used for the minis out of the "bones" collection does not agree with the varnish I normally use for my minis. So I could not use my usual varnish that gives everything a more "matté" look, but rather had to use a more typicall varnish that gives the model a more shiny look. I don´t like it but I have no choice in this....
If any of you has some experience with varnish and reaper plastic, write me please.

And now for the single ones:

And finally the packmaster:

As you can see, the light was just perfect for a nice photo shooting. :-)


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