Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Silver Tower 17 - Knight-Questor

And finally we come to the last figure of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" set made by "Games Workshop" (, the Knight Questor.

To be perfectly frank I never liked the bulky space marine like look of the Stormcast Eternals. They just look a little bit to much like Dr Whos Cybermen.

Anyway, setting my differences aside, this mini here started to grow on me rapidly while painting. I thought that the "everything in gold" coloring scheme seemed rather bland and therefore I made him mostly silver with gold only as an secondary color for the metal pieces. Also I put a few ruby painted pieces in it and tada finally a not boring stormcast eternal. :-)


Silver Tower 16 - Tenebral Shard

Well we have come to Tenebral Shard out of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" set made by "Games Workshop" (
This is a cool looking model but at first it did not agree with my High Elf coloring scheme. It looked just boring. So I had to think something up that would give this guy a little more "hmpf" (you know what I mean) and finally descided that I would turn him into a crazed ripper like figure with blood all over.

Now I think he looks as dangerous as he should:


Silver Tower 15 - Mistweaver Saih

And here comes the Mistweaver Saih out of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" set made by "Games Workshop" (

This beautiful model was a pain to paint (thats why the difference is just one "t" I think). I had to paint so many pieces seperately that I was never really sure how well it would look in the end. Anyway as with the warpriest, I had to make sure that this elven mage would fit in with the rest of my high elf army and therefore I used a lot of gold, red and blond hair on this one.


Silver Tower 14 - Excelsior Warpriest & Gryph Hound

Here comes the Warpriest and his loyal Gryph Hound out of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" set made by "Games Workshop" (

Here I really went off the beaten path because I wanted to make sure that all these units are compatible with the Age of Sigmar armies I already have. A black warpriest just did not fit my Empire army and so I gave him a big beard, filed off part of his nose and turned him into a white guy. Now he fits the rest of my arms.

First I wasn´t sure if the beard would work. I do not have much experience with these kind of modifications, but hey in the end it looks as if the beard should have been there all along. :-)


Silver Tower 13 - Darkoath Chieftain

And now for the Darkoath Chieftain out of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" by "Games Workshop" (

This guy has such an evil grin in his face that I just could not help myself - I just had to spatter blood all over him. Now he really looks the part. :-)


Silver Tower 12 - Fyreslayer Doomseeker

And so we now come to the heroe miniatures out of the "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" by "Games Workshop" (
Fist the crazy looking, pantless (I gave him a little paint-on slipper for decency^^) Fyreslayer Doomseeker.
As these fire dwarfs are, surprisingly, assosiated with fire, I gave him more then just a red beard, but also rather reddish skin.

See for your selfs:


Silver Tower 11 - Chaos Familiars

Well as I have finished the whole "Silver Tower - Warhammer Quest" by "Games Workshop" ( soon, here come the Chaos Familiars.
As there are four pairs of two identical familiars, the official coloring scheme suggests to paint the pairs with the same colors so they look completly alike.
I did not like this and therefore I made some effort to make them as different as much as I could.



Freitag, 12. August 2016

Silver Tower 10 - Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch

Now we come to a really well made model, the "Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch" out of the "Silver Tower" set from "Games-Workshop" (

I thought that this guy should fit in well with the Tzaangors and therefore he follows a rather similar coloring scheme.


Silver Tower 8 - Tzaangors

And here come the "Tzaangors" out of the "Silver Tower" set from "Games-Workshop" (
The official painting scheme wants their skin to be blue and their armor to be a different shade of blue. Well, everyone who knows me, also knows that I find this to be boring and therefore I changed it up a bit.

To me the Tzaangors are more demonic than everything else. Thats why I painted them pink, like the pink horrors. I think it looks good on them. :-)

Well, see for your selfs