Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Tokaido 1

So, this is going to be my first post in english.
My best friend backed the game "Tokaido" on Kickstarter. As he really does not want to paint his minis, he ordered the prepainted once. After much delay he finally got his 35 prepainted minis and was a bit shocked about the sloppy paintjob they had recieved.
So he asked me to repaint the Tokaido minis for him.

Well, here are the first 10. This took me about 3 days with 3 - 4 hours of painting a day.
As something new I made a side to side comparison between the prepainted and how I painted the minis.
Over all I tried to be as true to the original artwork as I was able to. With some minis though I deviated from the original artwork. For instance the sunglasses on the big guy are the idea of my friend who thought that the rectangular eyes were insane.

I am currently working on the batch of the next ten minis.



  1. Hi! This is great!
    Could you tell me what paint you used? I'll be doing the same on my minis.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi there, glad you liked it. I used simple acryl colors in different layers with the drybrushing technique (there are some good youtube how-tos on this). Also you should buy what is called a "wash" to get the dark lines for the eyes and all together bring out the details in a more distinct way. I like to use the "Nuln Oil" from games-workshop but other companies sell the same stuff under different names.

      By the way, if you use acryl colors you have to put on a varnish later, because else the colors will rub off easily. Use a "matte" varnish, else it will look like pocelain.

      Anyway, I will soon put up pictures of the next 10 finished minis.


    2. Many thanks! I used to paint miniatures for RPGs, I'll freshen up before trying.